Preparing for and Responding to Product Safety Crises

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Course Overview: 

Product safety is an increasingly high priority for the automotive supply chain, and rightly so:recent years have seen a string of global product safety crises in the industry. Car-makers and their suppliers are the subject of media and regulatory scrutiny like never before, and the trail of recalls, regulatory investigation sand litigation speaks for itself: despite significant advancements in quality management standards and techniques, automotive businesses continue to stumble into crises as a result of design and manufacturing errors, poor communication/document management or inadequate crisis planning.

As part of its ongoing work to position the UK automotive sector as a leader in product safety and quality management, the SMMT QMD has teamed up with product liability expert sat leading global law firm Eversheds Sutherland to provide a series of sessions helping UK automotive businesses to understand their legal responsibilities and liabilities and to improve their systems so as to minimise the risk of product safety crises and respond better when they occur.

The Product Liability Programme consists of the following modules:

  1. Introduction to IATF Standards and Product Liability
  2. Mitigating Liability risk through quality design, manufacturing and customer communications
  3. Preparing for and responding to product safety crises

This second module will help you to answer the following important questions:

  • How well prepared is your business for a product safety crisis?
  • Who will make the decisions?
  • How will you get to the bottom of the issue?
  • Can you be confident that action can be taken quickly and decisively to protect public safety?
  • How will you protect the business against the threat of claims, investigations and adverse publicity? 

This session will examine best (and worst) practice in planning for and responding to product safety crises. Learning lessons from real-life examples and using interactive scenarios.

Who Should Attend: 

Senior decision makers responsible for handling product safety issues.

Benefits and Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop and deploy an effective crisis management plan
  • Prioritise activity streams in the wake of a product safety crisis
  • Effectively engage with regulators, end users, media and the supply chain
  • Monitor corrective actions
  • Handle claims and regulatory investigations

Topics Covered: 

  • The legal framework around product safety: what are your responsibilities?
  • Establishing effective crisis management plans
  • Undertaking effective root cause analysis in a time-pressured environment
  • Risk assessment techniques and corrective action options
  • Engaging with others in the supply chain
  • Notifying and communicating with regulators, end users, media and social media: what are your obligations and how should you manage interactions?Monitoring corrective actions once initiated 
  • Handling claims and regulatory investigations 


Upon completion of the course you will receive a SMMT Quality Management (QMD) certificate of attendance.

Why Choose SMMT QMD:

In order to strengthen the services we provide to the UK’s automotive quality management specialists and further underpin the competitiveness of UK manufacturers, SMMT Industry Forum has created SMMT QMD, its new Quality Management Division.

SMMT QMD was launched at the inaugural Automotive Quality Management Systems Conference in Birmingham in November 2018 and aims to ensure that the UK automotive industry plays an active role in the development and governance of national and international automotive standards. 

SMMT QMD will provide a community of practice to directly support UK quality professionals, ensuring standards are effectively implemented and improving competitive performance. As such, SMMT QMD will now provide the following services:

  • An industry association for quality managers
  • Training, professional development and resources
  • Publications
  • Practical help and support

Course Booking Details: 

How will you protect the business against the threat of claims, investigations and adverse publicity?

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Further information

SMMT QMD is the Automotive Quality Management Division of SMMT Industry Forum.

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