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What is New Product Launch Excellence (NPLX)?   

New Product Launch Excellence (NPLX) is a national programme aimed at improving the New Product Introduction (NPI) capabilities of the UK supply chain through the provision of essential skills, training, coaching support and project management expertise.

The programme is an initiative of the Automotive Council, endorsed by OEMs and delivered by SMMT Industry Forum.

Benefits of NPLX   

  • The programme up-skills suppliers and provides the catalyst for dramatic improvements in new product launch capability
  • The programme supports IATF16949:2016 standard which mandates effective NPI processes and competently trained practitioners
  • Cost effective solution due to leveraging national volume across OEMs and tier ones


Automotive (NPLX)

  • NPLX Programme – Module 1: NPLX Management Overview (2 Days)
  • NPLX Programme – Module 2: Programme Management (5 Days)
  • NPLX Programme – Module 3: Product Design & Development (4 Days) 
  • NPLX Programme – Module 4: Manufacturing Process Design Development & Managing Product Quality (4 Days)
  • NPLX Programme – Module 5: Managing Product & Quality (3 Days)
  • NPLX Programme – Module 6: Lean & Value Stream Mapping (2 Days) 
  • NPLX Programme – Module 7: Supply Chain Management (2 Days) 
  • NPLX Programme – Module 8: Manufacturing Process Validation (3 Days)
  • Individual NPLX Modules


All individuals who complete one of the above module will receive an Industry Forum NPLX certificate of attendance.

Next Steps   

Suppliers to express an interest in the programme by clicking on the Enquire button and completing the form. Suppliers will be contacted to provide further details of the programme and availability in your region.

Further information

SMMT QMD is the Automotive Quality Management Division of SMMT Industry Forum.

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