No Risk, No Work – reaching goals safely. Basic Training on Functional Safety ISO 26262 (ID901)

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Course overview: 

The technology within, and functionality of road vehicles are becoming increasingly complex - software and mechatronics are the keys to innovation. How can it be ensured that E/E systems have an appropriate level of safety for their users? This is the purpose of ISO 26262. In this course, you will gain insight into the standard so that you can integrate it into the existing process landscape.

Who should attend: 

Anyone involved in the development of safety-relevant mechatronic products in the future as developers, project managers or executives.




Upon successful completion of the knowledge test, you will receive a certificate of qualification.

Benefits and Learning Objectives:  

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of functional safety according to ISO 26262
  • Be familiar with the structure and contents of ISO 26262
  • Be aware of the importance of functional safety and the need to incorporate the process from the outset
  • Be familiar with the essential steps of the process
  • Understand functional safety as an integral component and understand the systems view

Why choose SMMT QMD: 

In order to strengthen the services we provide to the UK's automotive quality management specialists and further underpin the competitiveness of UK manufacturers, SMMT Industry Forum has created SMMT QMD, its new Quality Management Division.

SMMT QMD was launched at the inaugural Automotive Quality Management Systems Conference in Birmingham in November 2018 and aims to ensure that the UK automotive industry plays an active role in the development and governance of national and international automotive standards. 

SMMT QMD will provide a community of practice to directly support UK quality professionals, ensuring standards are effectively implemented and improving competitive performance. As such, SMMT QMD will now provide the following services: 

  • An industry association for quality managers
  • Training, professional development and resources
  • Publications
  • Practical help and support

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Further information

SMMT QMD is the Automotive Quality Management Division of SMMT Industry Forum.

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