AS13100 aligned RM13145 PPAP Co-ordinator and CARe training course

This course fully covers the syllabus and qualification requirements for PPAP Co-ordinators or CARe’s as defined by AESQ Reference Manual RM13145. The course draws from AS13100 sections B and C and follows the APQP/PPAP model as defined within AS9145 and AESQ RM13145.


AS13100_RM13000 8D Problem Solving

This course covers the training syllabus requirements of AS13100 and AESQ Reference Manual RM13000 8D Problem Solving. The AESQ Reference Manual RM13000 mandates the use of the Eight Disciplines (8D) approach to structured problem solving to provide a repeatable structured approach irrespective of customer.


AS13100_RM13003 - Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

MSA is used when an understanding of measurement system variability is required. MSA studies will decompose measurement system variability into equipment, operator and part variation. It is often mandated by aerospace and other engineering primary manufacturers as a specific requirement on their suppliers to give them confidence in the measurements that are being taken and reported by the supplier.


AS13100_RM13004 Defect Prevention Quality Tools to Support APQP & PPAP (Including FMEA and Control Plan)

FMEA is an analytical method to ensure potential problems have been considered, assessed for risk, and actioned as part of product and process design. It provides a record of an organisation's collective knowledge about its products and processes. The intent of the control plan is to document and provide value added controls in support of the PFMEA process. Implementation of an effective DFMEA, PFMEA and control plan form key foundation activities in support of the zero-defect goal.


AS13100_RM13005 Quality Audit - (Aerospace Internal Auditor)

This course will help auditors develop relevant skills in judgment, decision making, audit planning, audit non-conformity writing and subsequent close out related to the aerospace IAQG 9100/9110/9120 QMS standards, AS13100 and AESQ RM13005. Internal auditing and familiarity with ISO 9001 and IAQG 9100/9110/9120 would be beneficial but not a necessity.


AS13100_RM13006 – Process Control Methods

Process control concerns the mechanisms by which the output of a specific process is maintained within a desired range to ensure the resultant characteristic meets the requirements. This course introduces Statistical Process Control (SPC) from the basics, creating charts by hand, before then using more advanced methods to monitor and improve process control.


AS9145 APQP and PPAP Essentials

This course will provide all delegates with an awareness of the advantages and expected benefits of using the APQP and PPAP processes from planning, product design and development through to process design, validation and on-going production.


AS9145 APQP and PPAP Practitioner

This 5 day AS9145 Practitioner course will provide all delegates with an in-depth understanding at practitioner level of the AS9145 standard. It will provide all delegates with an in-depth understanding of the advantages and expected benefits of using the APQP and PPAP processes from planning, product design and development through to process design, validation and on-going production.


Team to Team Working (eAPQP & PPAP) using NetInspect Software Tool

This course is designed for all organisations who are working with a customer that requires eAPQP population in order to track project deliverables.