VDA 6.3:2023 Process Auditor Qualification (ID 381) with Examination (ID 382)

This training provides you with the basics for performing process audits according to VDA 6.3, considering the process-oriented approach and customer-specific requirements for comprehensive application in the automotive industry.


VDA 6.3:2023 Process Auditor Qualification (ID 381)

This training provides you with the basics for performing process audits according to VDA 6.3.


VDA Automotive Core Tools for Process and System Auditors (ID 417)

In order to ensure a high quality of the audit activities in companies and the entire supply chain, auditors need to have the appropriate competence in relation to the respective methods.


VDA 6.3 - Workshop for Certified Process Auditors (ID 341)

The VDA 6.3 process audit is an effective procedure for assessing processes in connection with planning and manufacturing of a product.


VDA Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR) (ID 503)

Every organisation within the automotive supply chain is obligated to ensure the safety and conformity of its products. The aim of this two-day qualification is specifically geared to the requirements in the participants’ daily practice.


VDA 6.5 Product Audit Training (ID 318)

In this one-day training, you will learn how to create efficient audit programs, develop targeted audit plans, conduct product audits, and evaluate product quality with an appropriate defect classification. The documented results of an audit form the basis for the continuous improvement of product quality.


VDA 2 Production Process & Product Approval (PPA) (ID 410)

VDA 2 is the German automotive industry equivalent of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).


VDA Field Failure Analysis (FFA) (ID 632)

The training teaches you the contents of the current VDA Field Failure standard. In addition, you will acquire the necessary competencies to implement the field failure analysis methodology in your own organisation supporting your warranty management process.


VDA Maturity Level Assurance (MLA) (ID 602)

Implementation of the VDA standard of Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts aims to attain sustainable improvement of the quality of supplied parts. With this method, a process accompanying assurance of product maturity is achieved at the start of production: projects are segmented, assessed early on and corrected. Furthermore, a unified concept is provided for cooperation and communication in complex product engineering projects involving many participants in the supply chain. In the training, you will ac


VDA Volume 19.1 – Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry – Qualification for “VDA 19.1 Skilled Assistant”

The technical cleanliness of components and assembly groups is an important functional quality characteristic in the manufacture of modern vehicles.


From VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023 – Upgrade (ID 333)

This course is designed for VDA 6.3 Process Auditors who wish to upgrade to 2023 revision of VDA 6.3 standard.