VDA 6.3 Qualification for Certified Process Auditor (ID 315) with Examination (ID 353)

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Course overview: 

VDA 6.3 Qualification for Certified Process Auditor training uses the process approach and the respective customer-specific requirements. The course will teach you the basics of VDA 6.3 process auditors.


The introduction to the basics of process auditing includes general requirements, methods, principles, assessment scheme and risk analysis.


Furthermore, the underlying questionnaire is explained according to the assigned process elements, so that through the process audit you can identify the respective risks and potentials along the supply chain.


Certified VDA 6.3 auditors are able to conduct process audits independently internally and at the site of their suppliers. The examination and the accompanying certificate independently confirm their current and valid qualification in order to meet customer or supplier requirements regarding their auditor competence.

Who should attend: 

Quality Management personnel tasked with conducting audits in their own organisation (internal) or in the supply chain (external). This training also addresses external auditors assigned as service providers.


This is the full four day course plus one day examination. Upon successful completion of this course and the exam, and in conjunction with VDAs prerequisites, this course leads to certification and database entry for VDA Certified Process Auditor.

If you only need to conduct internal or supplier audits you may not need examination day and could choose VDA 6.3 Qualification for Process Auditor (ID315) (training without examination), which provides qualification rather than certification.When taking this decision please check with respective Customer Specific Requirements, your organisations Quality Management System processes and other applicable to your situation requirements.


Admission to the examination is only granted after successful review of the application. 

Evidence must be provided of: 

at least three day auditor qualification on the basis of ISO 19011 (e. g., VDA 6.3 Qualification for Process Auditor)

and of at least five years’ industrial experience, of which at least two years in quality management.

Evidence of knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools must be provided. 

        Training “Automotive Core Tools for System and Process Auditors” (ID 417) and the VDA qualification “Automotive Core Tools Professional” (ID 415, 416 and 450) are         recognized. 

Alternatively, evidence of a minimum two-day training about Automotive Core Tools by another training provider as well as the passing of an Automotive Core Tools online quiz is required. 


After passing the written and oral examination, participants will receive a VDA certificate with a registered number and the respective entry into the VDA QMC database along with their auditor card. Please allow up to six weeks for the Certificate and Auditor Card to arrive.

Supplementary Material:

VDA Volume 6.3 - Industry Forum stocks a number of VDA publications which can be found here: https://industryforum.co.uk/product-category/vda-books-standards-and-publications/


For the current edition of the VDA 6.3 process audit, a new evaluation and documentation tool has been developed as a web application. Users can obtain the VDA 6.3 Analysis Tool via the VDA QMC webshop: www.webshop.vda.de/qmc


Benefits and Learning Objectives: 

The VDA6.3 process audit is an effective procedure for assessing processes in connection with planning and manufacturing of a product. These audits are usually conducted within the organisation or with suppliers prior to series release, but also form a valuable contribution for process optimisation with already existing manufacturing lines. Additionally, potential analysis – as part of VDA 6.3 – also constitutes a tried and tested method to

select new suppliers.


The third and complete revision of the VDA standard in 2016 had the main objective of simplifying and unifying the standard to give it a more practical and international orientation. With these new advantages, the worldwide importance of VDA 6.3 has increased.


This process audit standard can now also be applied to other sectors such as mechanical engineering and wind power.


To conduct VDA 6.3 process audits, comprehensive knowledge, experience and competence is necessary. Thus, the qualification of relevant personnel is indispensable. In our VDA 6.3 trainings the participants acquire the necessary background knowledge and understanding for process audit procedures.

Topics covered: 

  • Correlation with other requirements 
  • Overview of the different types of audits
  • Overview of the contents of the individual VDA 6.3 chapters 
  • Introduction to the process approach and risk analysis
  • Audit process
  • Evaluation scheme of a process audit 
  • Code of conduct for process auditors
  • Potential analysis (P1)
  • VDA questionnaire (P2-P7)
  • Assessment and reporting of audit findings 
  • Certified examination (ID_353)

Why choose SMMT QMD:

In order to strengthen the services we provide to the UK's automotive quality management specialists and further underpin the competitiveness of UK manufacturers, SMMT Industry Forum has created SMMT QMD, its new Quality Management Division.

SMMT QMD was launched at the inaugural Automotive Quality Management Systems Conference in Birmingham in November 2018 and aims to ensure that the UK automotive industry plays an active role in the development and governance of national and international automotive standards.

SMMT QMD will provide a community of practice to directly support UK quality professionals, ensuring standards are effectively implemented and improving competitive performance. As such, SMMT QMD will now provide the following services:

  • An industry association for quality managers
  • Training, professional development and resources
  • Publications
  • Practical help and support

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13/06/2022 - 17/06/2022
08:30 - 16:30
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11/07/2022 - 15/07/2022
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22/08/2022 - 26/08/2022
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10/10/2022 - 14/10/2022
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Further information

SMMT QMD is the Automotive Quality Management Division of SMMT Industry Forum.

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